Welcome to Fallbrook Senior Softball – Recreational League

Our league is a recreational group which is open to men and women age 50 and up. Games are played most weekdays at 4 PM at Ingold Sports Park off Olive Hill Road in Fallbrook.

Check out the “How To Join” page for further details regarding people to contact, fees and other information about our league. We draft new teams four times during the year with a one month hiatus in the month of December.

Feel free to visit us most weekdays at 3:30 PM at Field #2 at Ingold to stretch, practice, meet the players and get a good feeling about joining us for a season. Teams warm up approximately one half hour before game time. Stay for a few innings to get additional insight into our league. You can borrow any equipment you need until you become familiar with our routines and requirements.

Prospective players may email Chuck Mattes at chuckmattes19@gmail.com for additional information regarding league play.

You can also find a copy of our current schedule and roster of players on the “Current Standing And Schedule and Player Rosters” page.

All USSSA, ISA and ASA bats as well as any bat labeled 1.20 BPF or lower is legal for play.  You must be at least 65 years of age to use either the Miken Ultra II,Rip-It or the new Dudley bats.



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