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The Fallbrook Senior Softball League plays at Ingold Sports Park. This League was formed in January 2000. The mission  of this league is to enjoy the game of slow-pitch softball and  allow as many senior players as possible age 50 and older to  participate. In the Fallbrook Senior league softball players are  charged a fee established and collected by the Fallbrook Sports  Park in agreement with the Fallbrook Sports Association at the  beginning of each season. The senior softball league continues all year with five seasons. Each seasonal fee allows senior  softball players to participate in the senior slow-pitch  softball league at the Ingold Community Sports Park. Senior  players and their guests are required to follow and support the  rules established for the Ingold Community Sports Park. Rules  governing playing of league games shall be in accordance with  the Senior Softball USA (SSUSA), and except as modified  by the Fallbrook Senior Softball League Condensed Rules.

As noted earlier, our goal is for as many people as possible to enjoy the game of slow pitch softball.  As such we are a recreational league and do our best to balance competitiveness with the fullest enjoyment of the game.  We expect all players to adhere to the rules of good judgement and fair play as well as the Ingold Field Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be found on our “Documents” page.


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